Marcelo Vilhena – Multimedia Creator and Filmmaker


Video and multimedia content producer and documentary filmmaker with +15 years of experience. Marcelo had delivered more than 200 projects for communication, entertainment, and educational purposes. Expert in multimedia training, created and developed in Brazil applications for mining and integrated steel companies. The training systems are based on the concept to transform operational standards and procedures in interactive applications.

In 2014, he decided to move to Canada to start new challenges. After study English in Calgary, in 2015 went to Red Deer and focused on Motion Picture Arts Program. In 2017 developed the first corporate film in Alberta “Moose Lake Home and Refuge” and also a TV commercial broadcasted on CTV News Edmonton and APTN. In 2018 he got a Motion Picture applied degree from Red Deer College. Right now Marcelo is dedicated to the development of training systems and corporate videos for companies in Alberta as well as documentaries production.


  • Producer, director, DP, videographer, editor, colorist, and multimedia developer.
  • Editor:  Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X advanced user.
  • Colorist: DaVinci Resolve user.
  • Multimedia developer: WordPress and Adobe Captivate advanced user.
  • Adobe Photoshop and After Effects solid knowledge.
  • Videographer: practice using DSLR, mirrorless, broadcast, and cinema cameras (Sony, Canon, and Black Magic) as well as dolly, jib, and Steadicam.
  • I have all gears and software to develop any type of multimedia or film production (filming and editing).
  • Ability to communicate in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Change management experience and excellence in creating solutions for clients.


Infomercial – songwriting and music production

Production showing how musicians, songwriters, and instructors bring their songs to life. To produce this video for Prairie College was a great experience.

Documentary – Education

This production was started by an extensive researching process in partnership with the Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools. The primary challenge was to show the content as a documentary instead of a corporate video or commercial. I filmed around 10 schools, interviewed almost 20 students and educators, edited more than 13 hours of raw material, and in the end delivered this main documentary and other four short videos for social media.


I had created and produced this infomercial to show this new product’s features and its uniquenesses. Our job started on the client needs analysis, went by the script development, one day of filming with actors, and finished at the post-production, including color grade. This infomercial will be broadcasted on the client’s website and was developed a one-minute version specific for social media.

TV commercial

This one-minute ad was developed for a First Nations to publicize the film Moose Lake Home & Refugee and was broadcasted on CTV NEWS.

Project Report

The keen understanding of what the client needs and the experience to make this happen made viable to develop this video production in 15 days. Highlighting technical aspects like the quality of the Sony A7III in the aerial footage and the sharpness and versatility of the Sony FE 24-105 f4 G OSS lens used in 70% of the shoots.

YouTube Channel

Right now I’m working on the development of this YouTube channel. The idea is to create a vlog using a cinematic approach not only regarding technical aspects but also teaching kids on how to tell stories and transform school content in a show.

Event Coverage 

Two shows covered in Fort McMurray. These concerts were recorded with two 4K cameras, 24 songs were edited to produce one video album for each concert, and this teaser was produced to publicize the show.

Documentary – First Nation Culture

This documentary was developed to Fort McKay First Nations and is about Moose Lake area, one of the last remaining pristine landscapes in the region. It is a cultural refuge to Fort McKay.

Internet Market

If you are a self-employed or even own a small business and wants to be on the Internet with a unique video, I have a solution that fits your budget.

Multimedia Presentation

Interactivity is an adequate solution to present a significant amount of content. Using videos, illustrations, photos, and animations this application was able to transform dense reports or training manuals into high-impact multimedia presentations.

Corporate Video

This corporate video shows the operations, environmental actions, and community relationships of one of the biggest gold mining in the world. The challenge here was the diversity of coverage shots produced in underground and open pit mines.

Online Campaign

This online marketing campaign created in partnership with Global Village Calgary is divided into five videos that explore aspects of the GV 360o personal care. Click here to know more.

Training Video

Using this video, one of the most significant railroad companies in Brazil showed a technological system to control the traffic in their railways from the control room. The production has had numerous audiovisual resources, such as 3D graphics animations, cameras placed in locomotives and time-lapses.


This job made part of a campaign to motivate staff to use a certain kind of management system. These skits show how the system can help in simple or complex tasks which are part of the company’s routine. Click here to see other animations.

Safety Video

This video is used in all units of one of the biggest railroad companies in Brazil. It shows for visitors all the safety rules required when they are in areas such as workshops and railroads.

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