Marcelo Vilhena is a video and multimedia content producer as well as a documentary filmmaker with +20 years of experience. Before he moves to Canada, he developed more than 200 productions for communication and educational purposes. Working as a researcher, DOP, director, videographer, editor and colorist, Marcelo faced all kinds of challenges over the creation, research, production and post-production phases to design and produce videos, documentaries, and multimedia training systems.

In 2014, he moved to Canada to face new challenges. In 2015 went to Red Deer College and focused on Motion Picture Arts Program, graduating in 2017. After his graduation, Marcelo moved to Calgary and specialized himself in the development of video content for educational institutions, multimedia training systems for industries, YouTube Channels, and commercials for Internet marketing campaigns. See below some recent highlights of his career…

Public School Division Marketing Campaign

Developed in partnership with the Battle River School Division – Alberta, here is one more production to publicize the division structure and concepts. 

Another three short videos are being developed, and they will be broadcasted in the division social media channels.

Music Video

Marcelo directed, filmed, and edited this music video as well as worked together with Kearstin Pfeifer – the songwriter and singer – to script her song “Skin Deep”

This music video was the result of a course held by Marcelo at Prairie College for Music and Songwriting students.

Internet Commercial

Infomercial to show this new product’s features and uniquenesses. Marcelo evaluated the client’s needs, developed the script, hired the actors, filming for two days, edited, and colour graded. From the researching until the final version, Marcelo spent around 20 days.

TV Commercial

This one-minute ad was created and produced for the Fort McKay First Nations to publicize the documentary “Moose Lake Home & Refugee” and was broadcasted on CTV NEWS and APTN.

Video Report for Community

That’s a great example of community and industry working together. Watch here the activities of a three weeks program held by British Columbia University for the Fort McKay Métis community members.


  • Producer, director, DOP, videographer, editor, colorist, and multimedia developer.
  • Editor:  Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X advanced user.
  • Colorist: DaVinci Resolve user.
  • Multimedia: Articulate 360, WordPress and Adobe Captivate advanced user.
  • Adobe Photoshop and After Effects solid knowledge.
  • Videographer: practice using DSLR, mirrorless, broadcast, and cinema cameras (Sony, Canon, and Black Magic) as well as a dolly, jib, and Steadicam operation.
  • I have all gears and software to develop any type of multimedia or film production (filming and editing).
  • Ability to communicate in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Change management experience and excellence in creating solutions for clients.

Still seeing other video highlights…


This documentary was developed to Fort McKay First Nations and is about the Moose Lake area, one of the last remaining pristine landscapes in the region. That is a cultural refuge to Fort McKay First Nations.

Regional Public School Division YouTube Channel

This production was started by an extensive researching process in partnership with the communication department of Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools. 

Marcelo filmed around 10 schools, interviewed almost 20 students and educators, and edited more than 18 hours of raw material. 

College Videos

How instructors help musicians and songwriters to bring their songs to life. These productions make part of a set of videos dedicated to the College’s website and social media.

Communities and Companies

Over more than two decades, Marcelo deal with communication projects involving the relationship between companies and communities affected by mineral activities. 

Marcelo’s expertise makes possible to understand and add value to the communication process between industry and communities. 

Brazilian’s NGO Documentary

It was a pleasure to me be involved as a volunteer with this fantastic work in my hometown. 

Please,  know more about this institution and support these amazing people to do this significative job. 

Online Campaigns

This online marketing campaign created in partnership with Global Village Calgary is divided into five videos that explore aspects of the GV 360o personal care and the partnership with SAIT. 


This job made part of a campaign to motivate staff to use a certain kind of management system. The whole project was made up of 4 skits showing how the system can help in simple or complex tasks.

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