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We offer to educational institutions a turnkey project that intends to improve the results of social media platforms as communication or advertising tool.

The main objective is to create a network of students and their family members by increasing the engagement to the social media platforms, using professional and adequate videos. The strategy is to involve and encourage students to produce high-quality videos about their daily school routine to be broadcasted at the school’s social media platforms. Videos that fit the target audience profile and produced by students showing school dailies have a great chance to be viral, reaching new potential students and their parents.

We have two paths for this project: to produce the videos for the educational institutions or transferring knowledge that makes viable for schools to teach students to create high-quality videos about their routine. The first option offers the possibility to cover events and daily activities at the school environment. The second option is a win-win situation: the schools win having their content created and produced by their students, and the students win getting video production applied knowledge.


1 – Research – in partnership with the school communication department, we are going to figure out necessities, uniquenesses, and communication priorities to be explored in the videos.

2 – Development – to create and develop the first 5 or 6 videos following the strategy designed over the first phase. These videos will work as references for future productions as well as launch the new or revitalized YouTube channel, other social media platforms, and website when needed.

3 – Broadcast – to create a broadcast strategy for the videos finished as well as for those that will be produced in the future by students. To encourage students to send their videos and be part of the project.

4 – Sustainability – to transfer knowledge to the educational institution staff, allowing students to learn how to produce high-quality videos for social media platforms and guaranteeing that the school will have new content every week.


The projects started recently, and we already have two Alberta School Divisions working with us and also one college. The divisions are Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools and Battle River School Division. The WRPS already has their videos done, you can watch then below, and we are developing the third phase. The BRSD is in the first phase, and soon you will be able to watch their videos here. We have a partnership with Prairie College, and you can also see the results below.

Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools Videos

WRPS YouTube Channel Ad

Schools Activities

Our Teachers

Inclusive School

Indigenous Culture

Attendance Matters

Work With Us

Overview Video

Prairie College Videos

Music Event Teaser

Interviews with Instructors and Students

Music and Worship Arts Program Ad

Soon you’ll see here a video album produced based on the music event.