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Training System Sample

EVRAZ North America is a leading producer of engineered steel products for rail, energy and industrial end markets with deep American roots and a long legacy of operational success in the United States and Canada. This training system was developed for Facing Mill and was based on the area’s standards.

Screen samples getting from the Evraz North America application.

The training system involves the following procedures: Pipe Milling, Lockout, Inspection, Process Control, Maintenance as well as Risk Factors. At the end of each chapter, the trainees have access to a quiz to check their learning.

Video sample getting from the Evraz North America training. If you want to see the full application, please, make contact…

Expertise and Concept

15 years ago we started to use multimedia applications for industrial training purposes. Today, our expertise can guarantee the faster and most effective learning curve when compared with methods like videos, presentations, and manuals.

We change the trainees’ attitude, encouraging them to interact with the content. As our training systems are very visual, the results remain the same even when the level of local language knowledge is shallow. ​

What a multimedia training needs to have to be successful

1 – Proper standardization process;
2 – Intelligent multimedia application;
3 – Planned deployment;
4 – Tools to measure retention rate and learning curve.​

Screen samples getting from a steel manufacturing training system

All processes’ phases are under our responsibility, and the industry just needs to indicate a process facilitator to work with us.